Music Discovery, Reddit Style

A short article of why I built a website for discovering music.

What do you do, when you run out of Music to listen to?

It all started one day, when I realized that I was fed up of the songs in my personal Music collection. I wanted an easy way to discover great music to listen to — a place where I could find great songs whenever I go there.

There are millions of songs in the internet, waiting to be discovered!

I tend to check sites like Reddit and Hackernews whenever I feel bored, because I know for sure that I can find something interesting there — tech news that I might’ve missed out, interesting products etc. Their voting mechanism, combined with a good community of users makes sure that their pages always remain fresh, filled with great content, any time.

Reddit and Hackernews are great at serving good content

Lately I’ve been addicted to Product Hunt too. Product Hunt combines great content with good design, presentation (which I love) and of course a great community!

Product Hunt combines great content with great design

I thought to myself - What if a similar technique of voting was used for Music?

This is the question that I asked myself before I started building Maldio.

Two of the best sources of listening to Music are YouTube and SoundCloud. But both of them only show content posted by people whom you follow (or subscribe). You have to dig deep to find good music out of your comfort zone. Why does this have to be so hard? I just want to get to content which I would enjoy. At times, I just need to see what people are listening to without the need of 'follow'ing anyone.

What better way to do this than to create a community, giving power to the users to post content, and vote on already posted content — just like Reddit, Hackernews and Product Hunt. This idea gave me ample opportunity to play with Django and Python to create a useful application. And so, Maldio was born..

One of the images I used to promote the site on Twitter

There is no way of finding out whether an idea would work or not without actually building it and testing with actual users. After a month of development and simultaneous testing with a few of my friends, I can say that this is something that has the potential to work.

Maldio allows you to post YouTube or SoundCloud links to your favorite songs for others to enjoy. You can vote on songs others have posted to bring them up the Maldio charts. I discovered that my friends have a great taste for music, and I started discovering good songs (hidden deep within YouTube and SoundCloud) which I would never have stumbled upon otherwise.

Maldio categorizes songs based on Language for now

More than a music discovery and discussion community, I want Maldio to be a platform for new and aspiring artists to promote their work. The application would give people the chance to find music that the mainstream film industry is not promoting.

Maldio is a work far from complete. There are lot of pieces missing, but I hope that it is proceeding in the right direction. As Friedrich Nietzsche puts it -

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

So, if you don’t want your life to be a mistake, and you don’t know where to start — head to ;)

Thanks for reading!